Sea Harrier - Long-sleeve T-shirt
Sea Harrier - Long-sleeve T-shirt £29.00
British Aerospace Sea Harrier The first squadron to operate the Sea Harrier was 800 NAS introduced on HMS Invincible, but was moved to HMS Hermes. The Sea Harrier played a distinctive role in the Falklands War of early 1982. Successes were 20 Argentine aircraft shot down with two losses from ground fire and four to accidents. Success can be attributed to the Sea Harrier using the latest AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles and the Blue Fox radar. The Sea Harrier was withdrawn from service in 2006 with the planned replacement being the F35 Lightning II some years later. Long-sleeve T-shirts are made from 100% ringspun semi-combed cotton. A comfortable shirt to wear at 190gsm with tubular long sleeves. Check the sizing page as this item can run slightly smaller than other brands.