Alcock and Brown - Long-sleeve T-shirt
Alcock and Brown - Long-sleeve T-shirt £26.00
The first Transatlantic flight of Alcock and Brown John Alcock was a military pilot during World War I and Arthur Whitten Brown was an engineer and pilot during the war. Both had been shot down and imprisoned by the Germans, during this time both resolved together to cross the Atlantic by air. After the war they both worked with Vickers to convert a Vimy to be able to undertake the long flight. On the 14th June both set off from Newfoundland. After 12 hours flying and poor weather, Alcock and Brown landed their aircraft in a bog near Clifden, County Galway in Ireland. This design has been given a deliberate aged and 'weathered' appearance. Long-sleeve T-shirts are made from 100% ringspun semi-combed cotton. A comfortable shirt to wear at 190gsm with tubular long sleeves. Check the sizing page as this item can run slightly smaller than other brands.