Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 - Long-sleeve T-shirt
Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 - Long-sleeve T-shirt £29.00
Blackburn Buccaneer The Buccaneer first came into service with the Royal Navy as a carrier borne aircraft in 1962. As well as in an anti-shipping role, the Buccaneer was capable of delivering nuclear weapons. When the RN retired the Buccaneer in 1978, the RAF took it on as a low level strike aircraft. It became the S.2B with updated RAF avionics, carried Martel missiles and had an extra fuel tank in its bomb-bay. The low-level performance comes from its robust and durable airframe and the low speed capability is due to boundary layer technology that bled high pressure air from the engine to give the wings more lift. 208 was the last RAF Squadron to operate the 'Bucc', which was disbanded in 1994. Long-sleeve T-shirts are made from 100% ringspun semi-combed cotton. A comfortable shirt to wear at 190gsm with tubular long sleeves. Check the sizing page as this item can run slightly smaller than other brands.