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Blériot - T-shirt

Blériot - T-shirt

Louis Blériot, the first man to fly across the English Channel

Louis Blériot was a French-born inventor and engineer who had invented and manufactured headlamps for motor cars. Profits from his business were invested in building aeroplanes and Blériot was the first to develop the stick and rudder system of controlling an aircraft. In 1909 he entered his monoplane into the Daily Mail Prize of flying across the English Channel. At sunrise of July 25th he took off from Les Baraques and made it to Dover in just over 23 minutes, making aviation history. This design has been given a deliberate aged and 'weathered' appearance.

T-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk ringspun cotton. A comfortable shirt to wear at 185gsm with tubular short sleeves.

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